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Apr. 2nd, 2008

11:17 am

Come join the team, get some sponsors and walk with us, or help sponsor somebody on the team!

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Dec. 9th, 2007

08:43 am

Held annually the second Sunday in December, this year December 9, The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting unites family and friends around the globe in lighting candles for one hour to honor and remember children who have died at any age from any cause. As candles are lit at 7 p.m. local time, hundreds of thousands of persons commemorate and honor children in a way that transcends all ethnic, cultural, religious, and political boundaries.

The Worldwide Candle Lighting is a gift from The Compassionate Friends to the bereavement community allowing us all to join together in unity to remember and honor the memories of all children so they may never be forgotten.

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Oct. 24th, 2007

10:33 am - Meme time - hate mail.

Since so many people are spewing forth their untempered opinions, I figured now is the time for this.

I've changed my comment settings so that you can comment anonymously, and without having your IP logged.

Go ahead and comment with something you think I need to know. This can be something about me, something about you, whatever it is, something you think I need to know. Be harsh. Be realistic. Be anonymous.

If you want to, go ahead and do the same thing in your LJ.

And I'm not screening comments either. So make sure you're anon.

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Apr. 1st, 2007

09:33 pm - WalkAmerica donation begging

I wanted to wait until the actual month of the walk. So here I am making a public post grubbing for donations. This charity is very near and dear to my heart, Sterling being born preemie and all. The money raised during this fundraiser helps not only to bring awareness of premature birth and the things that can raise the chances of a woman's giving birth early, but sometimes it just happens for no reason at all (Like in Sterling's case) and the money from March of Dimes (the parent foundation of WalkAmerica) helps support the NICU of the hospital and support groups and education for the parent in caring of the preemie.
It's a 6 mile long walk on April 29th. Every year I do walk the full 6 miles. Hopefully if the weather is nice this year I can bring Sterling along with me. I'll be walking rain or shine. Any amount you can donate is a wonderful help, I'll even take pocket change. Even a handful of coins from a few people all up to dollars!
Here's my personal site you can donate online to:

...Besides, last year our team raised enough money to get a bronze award, and I want silver or better this year!

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Jun. 27th, 2006

12:07 pm - Public Service Announcement.

Do you want to see prices at the gas pump go down? Boycotting certain stations, not buying gas on certain days, all those other emails I've seen get passed around won't do it. Go check out for the explanation why. What will work is supply and demand. If you use less gas, and buy less gas, then less gas will be needed to be drilled and refined, costs will go down across the board. So now, with that said, I give you tips on how to use less gas.

You can find a lot of articles on a quick search of "Getting better gas mileage" or anything to that effect. but here, let me hit the highlights for you:
1. Clean out your car. The extra weight may help you in snowy weather, but it's the summer, and the heavier your car is, the more gas it takes to get around.
2. Clean the air filter when you change your oil. most places that you go to for oil changes include this in the service, but if you do it yourself, it helps the milage.
3. Don't idle. That just burns up more gas than if you shut down and re-start the engine.
4. Inflate tires properly.
5. Don't wait until the gas tank is almost empty. When it's 1/4 tank or less, it doesn't run as efficiently.
6. On the highway use the air conditioner. The air resistance when the windows are open makes the engine work harder than keeping the windows closed and using the AC would. but in local stop and go driving open the windows. (However, I did read one article that said a lot of ACs are more efficient these days, so you can use AC in local driving. So decide for yourself on that one.)
7. Don't top off the gas tank. I go to a lot more self-serve places these days so that won't happen. The extra gas doesn't actually go into your gas tank, so you're paying for gas you're not getting. this article supports that.
8. If you have multiple stops to make, do them at once. Starting with farthest away is best so you don't keep going back and forth.
9. Don't use the car if you don't have to! Especially that it's summer and nice out now, why not walk down to the store, or ride a bicycle?

I would like to pause a minute here to express this is the most important tip. For your safety as well as for your wallet.

Drive sensibly.
Reduce your speed. I know, it's a very difficult thing, especilly here on Long Island, but go closer to the speed limit, and just allow more time to get where you're going.

Quick braking and accellerating uses up a lot of extra gas. If you leave more room between you and the car ahead of you, when you see them breaking, you can coast and slow down. 9 times out of 10 they start speeding up before I have to actually touch the break pedal, and I just resume the speed I was going at.

Feel free to spread this information around. I dont even care if I'm credited or not.

If you're spreading this around, you can stop copying at this point.

please give me some feedback on this, positive, negative, anything.
EDIT AGAIN: Took out the thing about pickup trucks, I've not seen it often enough to make a difference. But added in about running errands.
AND AGAIN: Added in #9.

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Apr. 7th, 2006

11:10 am - Yes, I'm grubbing for money.

I'm doing the March of Dimes Walk America again this year. Since Sterling was born preemie, this is a matter of personal interest. If anybody would care to donate and sponsor my walk, I'd be very grateful and show lots of love :)
Here's my page. I think I need to update the photo of Sterling on there...


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Jan. 1st, 2006

12:00 am - Usual Icons Rules:

  • No hotlinking.
  • Credit me in the comments or keywords, please. Not sure how? ohpaintbrush made up some good instructions.
  • Leave me a comment that you're taking them, it's nice to know my icons get spread around!

  • Dec. 4th, 2005

    10:02 pm

    Because of a lack of time I needed to trim down my friends list. I took off a bunch of communities, and a number of people who either 1) didn't post much anymore anyway, 2) I only had on my list out of a sense of obligation and/or 3) I didn't really feel a connection to anymore. Sorry.

    Dec. 22nd, 2004

    05:15 pm

    Yay, found an image I thought worked well for a friends-only banner. So here's the public entry new people can say "Hi, add me" in. Disclaimer: adding me and requesting to be added won't always mean I will add you back. I'm elitist like that.

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